Our current household membership is now 59.  The total number of households  within our area of interest is approximately 90.  

For those of you who are new or non-members you may be interested in the origin of our association.  Over ten years ago a former resident  David Taylor put a lot of effort consulting neighbours, setting up a committee and negotiating a parking control agreement with the Council.  This was before my time but I understand that his efforts failed because the composition of the Council changed and the new regime insisted in reviewing the decision its predecessor reached.  No action ensued.

The problem is still with us and other issues of common interest arise from time to time.  We are surrounded by resident associations on Lansdown hill.  I therefore in 2016 circulated everyone in the area suggesting that we set up not a revived parking study group but a residents association like those surrounding us.  That is what we now have.

It is only effective due to the dedication of the members of the committee but it serves everyone.

I am very pleased to welcome Joanne Johnson to the committee.  We are a bit under represented by residents on the loop of Sion Hill but would welcome any additional volunteers anywhere in our catchment area.

We maintain our membership of the Federation of Bath Resident Associations (FOBRA) the umbrella organisation for the residents of Bath.  In the absence of Parish Councils within the city it provides an opportunity for us to influence Council decisions  from a local perspective.  The relatively new leader of the Council is a keen advocate for the recreation of a City Council for Bath.  Creating a network of civil parishes is administratively complicated but it is much simpler to create a city wide council though in legal terms it would still be classed as a parish.

Personally I think this would be a positive step because at present much affecting Bath municipal services is decided by a Council with representatives from places like Radstock, Midsomer Norton and Chew Magna, who may never visit Bath except on the way to or from Council meetings in Keynsham.  This is where the Council offices are.

Since the last newsletter there have been many changes of occupier in our catchment area.  Some of the new arrivals have already become members and we are pleased to have them.  If any of you know any newcomers please let me know so that I can call on them.  Alternatively do ask them to get in touch with a Committee Member themselves.

All residents will I am sure have views on local issues.  Individual views can effect collective action so please participate in Council consultations.  If you do not wish to do this directly please make use of your membership of this Association by passing your thoughts to a member of the Association Committee.

For those residents who are not yet members you may wish to join us.  The subscription is only £5 and the committee has for the time being decided to waive any annual renewal.  Short of there being no joining fee at all it could hardly be cheaper.  Our treasurer continues for the time being to be Neil Barnes (neil@sionsummerhill.org.uk).

Current Issues

The parking issue continues to trouble us locally.  Local access is regularly disrupted by delivery or builders’ vehicles. Any remedial action by the Council is tied up with the implementation of the LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) policy.  This is very contentious and consequently may be slow to be implemented.  We in our area are not high on the priority for implementation.

The future of the Bath Spa University Sion Hill campus is a serious concern.  The Council Officers seem to have increased the planned number of future housing units on the site without consulting the Councillors.  So far there is no published report on the result of the recent public consultation covering the subject.  We will let you know as soon as any information is available.

The question of the untidiness of the greens on the Approach Golf Course continues unresolved.  This is partly due to conflict within the Council.  Because the subject is mainly discussed in private we have no guidance on how this may be resolved.  However both the Leader of the Council and our two Councillors favour a return to the situation prevailing before the covid virus appeared.

If you wish to get in touch please contact one of your Committee Members

Michael Maude, acting Chairman (michael@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Sally Parkes (sally@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Patricia Ludlam, Secretary (patricia@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Neil Barnes, acting Treasurer (neil@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Paul Crowsley (paul@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Joanne Johnson (joanne@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Michael Maude, Chairman, February 2022.