The key issues currently facing us

‘Liveable’/Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)

Bath & North East Somerset Council are currently developing proposals for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) as part of their wider Liveable Neighbourhoods strategy.

The nearest of the recently announced LTNs likely to affect us is planned over a wide area of Lansdown but until the detail is finalised we cannot judge if it will cause us concern. A recent workshop was the first stage in the planning process. We will continue to monitor developments and consult with our members on any relevant proposals as appropriate.

parking & roads

The issue of parking is integral with the issues of the CAZ (Clean Air Zone) and LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods). Our two Councillors have confirmed that they will continue to work for our interests to be accommodated in any final decision relating to LTNs.

Regarding the overall parking situation in our area, we aim to reflect a balance of local opinion. Given the current composition of the committee, we have decided to maintain the status quo at the moment, pending any further developments.


The only significant potential development currently identified in our area is at the Bath Spa University Sion Hill campus. Short term, the campus is now fully occupied again and now no further changes are planned while the University owns the site.

However, it has been confirmed that long term there is likely to be housing on the site. It is also clear that it will have to be within the footprint of the existing building and possibly also in the building itself. When the housing does appear it is almost certain to bring an increase in traffic; at least it will bring a substantial increase in the number of vehicles based on the site. We will monitor any proposed development carefully.

High Common / Victoria Park

There are two issues here:

Approach Golf Course. The SSRA committee has participated in the consultation over the future of the Approach Golf Course. The outcome is that for the next two years there will be no change in the use of High Common as a public park. The future of golf is obscure and the greens are not currently being maintained – this appears to be because there are differences of opinion among the Councillors which have not so far been resolved.

Event Noise from Victoria Park. This issue has not gone away. The monitoring system set up before lockdown seems to have failed during the set up before the last Pub in the Park. We will be investigating this further.

If you have views on any of these issues, do please get in touch.