Our current membership is 68 households.  There are 30 residences which are not members.  Thus we cover nearly 70% of our catchment area and this makes us one of the more representative associations in Bath.  As there are no parish or town councils in Bath we are the only collective outlet to highlight local issues which might otherwise get overlooked by Bath & North East Somerset Council.  We enhance our voice by our membership of FOBRA (Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations). Our newsletters are circulated to all residents but in between times action and communication are restricted to members.  There is a once only joining fee of £5.  Do contact us at residentassoc@uwclub.net


Earlier this year the Council introduced a Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) in our area.  This was a contentious issue but now that it is in operation there has been only one major complaint.  This is the refusal so far of the Council to provide visitor’s parking in Summerhill Road despite the pressing of our Councillors.  We will continue to press for this as it seems that only administrative lethargy has frustrated this happening.

Local Plan Update

Despite the best efforts of FOBRA and others the  Council has insisted in retaining the aim to place 100 dwelling units on the Sion Hill Campus should redevelopment occur.  There is however a considerable planning hurdle to overcome before this can happen and the forces of opposition are many and noisy.  For the moment Bath Spa University intends to use the campus as it is for at least a further two years before deciding on its long term future.  Meanwhile the open area covering the south of the site has been submitted for  registration as a permanent green space.

Golf at High Common

Earlier in the year the Council signed a contract with Future Golf Ventures from Swansea to return golf to High Common.  This provides for a Foot Golf course on the Western side.  It has been successfully running for some time and has in no way prevented the area being used by dog walkers and other non players.

On the eastern side the contractors have laid out a challenging traditional golf course which is very different from what was there before.  This has generated a lot of comment  both favourable and unfavourable.  Unfortunately the Council has not honoured its commitment to restore the greens to a playable condition and the course is still to open.   Meanwhile the contractor has laid out a number of paths and sitting out areas at the top of the hill for non players to enjoy.  The remainder of the course being left wild is in keeping with the contract terms and is strongly endorsed by the local wildlife trust.  Until the course is open and used it is impossible to tell whether this is a wise move or not.

LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods)

While our area is on the list for an LTN there has so far been no implementing proposal.  When it is published there will be a public consultation before any commitment is made.

Local Bus Service

The 700 bus service contract has apparently been extended for another three years though there seems to have been no public announcement.  In addition our members are free to use the Locksbrook shuttle bus run by Bath Spa University.  While it no longer goes into the centre of Bath it does go as far as GreenPark Station which is handy for Sainsbury’s.  Those wishing to use it need a pass which is available from Michael Maude as is a copy of the timetable.

Sion Hill Campus Tennis Courts

The tennis courts at the Sion Hill Campus are underused and we have been offered the use of them when free.  For those who play it is a convenient facility and even nearer than the local tennis club.  When the security is manned users should report before playing but it is permissible to slip under the top gate to play when the site is otherwise closed.

Social Event

The members of the committee have so far failed to find a suitable venue for a social event.  However our member Linda Wyon is organising the latest of her safari suppers on Saturday 7 October in aid of the Bath Child Contact Centre.  Previous suppers have been greatly enjoyed by all those participating and it is an excellent social occasion to know better the neighbours we rarely see.