Our current membership is 64 households which represents about 70% of those in our area  This makes the Association well able to represent local opinion.  As members of FOBRA (The Federation of Bath Residents Associations) and with regular contact with our two Local Councillors we try to highlight those concerns which might otherwise get overlooked from a Council wide perspective.

Since the report last winter Ian Cutter has joined our committee.  Collectively we try to keep abreast of issues as they arise, and hopefully are resolved, but always welcome any contributions from individual members.  The following are matters of current concern.


There has been a Council consultation on the subject of a Residents Parking Zone and we circulated a questionnaire to help us comment as an Association.  The wide variety of opinions did not enable us to do so but the overall picture implies that the majority of residents prefer the status quo.  Traffic issues continue and we continue to press for better enforcement of the obstruction regulations but such consensus as exists seems to think that controlled parking is unlikely to address these.

Local plan update

The item in this process of concern to us is the future of the Sion Hill University Campus.  In the Council’s submission there is in our view an unrealistic plan for 100 dwelling units there.  This has produced considerable objection from many quarters as well as our own, most noticeably from BPT (Bath Preservation Trust).  An Examination in Public  into the document  has just ended and we await the result.

Golf at High Common

While we support the return of golf to High Common there has been strenuous opposition from other local Resident Associations.  Our Councillors and the Council Leader are supportive.  At present tenders are being evaluated for a contractor to manage the golf.  There has been a welcome number of responses and high enthusiasm but at this stage no more public information is available.

Some time ago in conjunction with neighbouring Associations we applied for High Common to be given Heritage listing.  This failed on a National basis but the application is still pending at a local level though we have no indication of when this is likely to be decided.  We will notify you of the eventual outcome.

Milsom Quarter Masterplan and LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) Proposals

These are two distinct issues but as far as we are concerned the issue is the same.  What are the consequences likely to be for surrounding areas from diverted traffic?  This point has been made loud and clear by both FOBRA and BPT as well as others.  Hopefully someone in authority was listening.

700 Bus Service

Those of you with long memories will remember that once this service was hourly.  It was reduced gradually due to lack of use.  Usage is still dropping ,partly because its infrequency makes it difficult for residents to plan around its timetable.  The alternative Park and Ride service is frequent but is a long way from much of our area.  This makes it unattractive for some of our older members.  While no specific announcement has yet been made all supported services, of which this is one, are under review.  Use it or lose it seems to apply here.

Social Event

Most of you will be aware that Linda Wyon organises a safari supper from time to time to raise funds for the Bath Child Contact Centre.  She is at present trying to settle on a date this autumn.  Taking a leaf from her book your Committee is looking at both location and date for an Association social occasion.  As soon as we have been able to settle on either we will let you know. 

Your Committee

You will notice that we are still looking for a new Chairman and a new Treasurer.  Please give the issue some thought and do talk to one of our committee members.

Michael Maude, acting Chairman (michael@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Sally Parkes (sally@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Patricia Ludlam, Secretary (patricia@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Neil Barnes, acting Treasurer (neil@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Joanne Johnson (joanne@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Ian Cutter (ian@sionsummerhill.org.uk)

Paul Crowsley (paul@sionsummerhill.org.uk)